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Emergency numbers US

The main emergency number

911 emergency call usa
Call 911 if you need urgent medical treatment or in case of emergency. You can call for an ambulance, police or firefighters using this number. You can dial 911 free of charge from any public phone. Emergencies
In an emergency on a highway or a secondary road, remain calm and, if you don’t have a cell phone, try to locate the nearest emergency phone. The response for accidents in the major roads is usually very fast. If you’re physically capable you can go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Note that emergency treatments in hospitals are not free - check our section on hospitals for further information. Pharmacies
If you urgently need medication, the pharmacy emergency section in local newspapers or Yellow Pages lists the addresses of the pharmacies that are open outside of normal business hours. You can also visit any local pharmacy, which will list the address of the closest one open late in the window or on the door. Doctors
If you’re ill and can’t go to a doctors office, you can call your doctor for advice. Note, however, that most doctors in the U.S. don’t make house calls. In some cities there are special ‘house call’ services which will send a doctor to your home 24 hours a day.

List of emergency telephone numbers (by US States)

Alabama: Cellphone-only: *HP (star 47)
Alaska: 911
Arizona: 911
Arkansas: 911 or Cellphone-only: *55 (star 55)
California: 911
Colorado: 911 or Cellphone-only: *CSP (star 277) or *DUI (star 384) —to report DUIs
Connecticut: 911 or (800-443-6817)
Delaware: 911
Florida: 911 or 800-459-6861 or Cellphone-only: *FHP (star 347)
Georgia: 911 or Cellphone-only: *GSP (star 477)
Hawaii: 911
Idaho: 911 or 800-233-1212 or Cellphone-only: *ISP (star 477)
Illinois: 911 or Cellphone-only: *999 (star 999)
Indiana: 911
Iowa: 911 or 800-555-HELP (800-555-4357)
Kansas: 911 (Statewide) or Cellphone-only: *HP (star 47 for Salina, KS;
*KTA (*482) —Kansas Turnpike and for Wichita, KS
Kentucky: 911 or 800-222-5555
Louisiana: 911 or Cellphone-only: *LHP (star 547);
Lake Ponchartrain Causeway: *27 (star 27 —cellphone-only) or 504-893-6250
Maine: 911 or Cellphone-only: *SP (star 77)
Maryland: 911 or Cellphone-only: #SP (pound 77)
Massachusetts: 911
Michigan: 911
Minnesota: 911
Mississippi: Cellphone only: *HP (star 47)
Missouri: Cellphone-only: *55 (star 55) or 800-525-5555
Montana: 911 (emergency only) or 800-525-5555 (non-emergency)
Nebraska: 911 or 800-525-5555 or Cellphone-only:*55 (star 55)
Nevada: 911 or Cellphone-only:*NHP (star 647)
New Hampshire: 911 or 800-622-2394 or Cellphone-only: *SP (star 77)
New Jersey: 911 or Cellphone-only: #77 (pound 77 —to report aggressive driving)
New Mexico: 911 or 505-827-9301
New York: 911
North Carolina: Cellphone only: *HP (star 47) or 800-662-7956
North Dakota: 911
Ohio: 911 or 800-525-5555 (OHP) or 800-877-7PATROL
(Ohio only, to report non-emergency safety concerns) or 800-GRAB-DUI (to report erratic driving)
Oklahoma: Cellphone-only *55 (star 55)
Oregon: 911
Pennsylvania: 911 or Cellphone-only: *11 (star 11) —on turnpikes
Rhode Island: 911 or 401-444-1069
South Carolina: Cellphone only: *HP (star 47)
South Dakota: 911
Tennessee: Cellphone-only: *THP (star 847) or 615-741-2060
Texas: 911 or 800-525-5555 or Cellphone-only: *DPS (star 377)
Utah: 911 or Cellphone-only: *11 (star 11)
Vermont: 911 or DWI Hotline: 800-GETADWI and *DWI (star 394 —cellphone-only)
Virginia: 911 or Cellphone-only: #SP (pound 77)
U.S. Virgin Islands: 911
Washington: 911
West Virginia: Cellphone-only: *SP (star 77)
Wisconsin: 911
Wyoming: Cellphone only: #HELP (pound 4357) or 800-442-9090

Non-emergency situations

emergency phone uk
311 is a special telephone number supported in many communities in Canada and the United States. The number provides access to non-emergency municipal services. The number format follows the N11 code for a group of short, special-purpose local numbers as designated in the North American Numbering Plan. The telephone number 3-1-1 creates a central hub for local subscribers to access a variety of city services. It is intended, in part, to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from the 9-1-1 number which is reserved for emergency service. A promotional website for 3-1-1 in Akron described the distinction as follows: "Burning building? Call 9-1-1. Burning question? Call 3-1-1
Examples of calls intended for 3-1-1 include:
abandoned vehicles in roadway,
code and housing violations,
dead animal removal,
debris in roadway[citation needed],
graffiti removal,
illegal burning,
non-working streetlamps, parking meters, traffic lights,
noise complaints,
Parking Law Enforcement,
Parks and recreation concerns,
potholes, sinkholes and utility holes in streets,
public safety concerns,
rat or rodent infestation,
reporting stolen vehicles.

Non-emergency local police phone numbers USA

phone numbers to police usa local
A directory of non-emergency police numbers by city
Birmingham PD    Birmingham, Alabama    205-328-9311
Montgomery PD    Montgomery, Alabama    334-241-2651
Mobile PD    Mobile, Alabama    251-208-7211
Huntsville PD    Huntsville, Alabama    256-722-7100
Tuscaloosa PD    Tuscaloosa, Alabama    205-349-2121
Dothan PD    Dothan, Alabama    334-615-3000
Auburn PD    Auburn, Alabama    334-501-3100
Gadsden PD    Gadsden, Alabama    256-549-4500
Prattville PD    Prattville, Alabama    334-595-0208
Anchorage PD    Anchorage, Alaska    907-786-8900
Juneau PD    Juneau, Alaska    907-586-0600
Fairbanks PD    Fairbanks, Alaska    907-450-6500
Sitka PD    Sitka, Alaska    907-747-3245
Wasilla PD    Wasilla, Alaska    907-352-5401
Ketchikan PD    Ketchikan, Alaska    907-225-6631
Kenai PD    Kenai, Alaska    907-283-7879
Kodiak PD    Kodiak, Alaska    907-486-8000
Homer PD    Homer, Alaska    907-235-3150
Phoenix PD    Phoenix, Arizona    602-262-6151
Tucson PD    Tucson, Arizona    520-791-6813
Mesa City PD    Mesa, Arizona    480-644-2211
Chandler PD    Chandler, Arizona    480-782-4130
Glendale PD    Glendale, Arizona    623-930-3000
Scottsdale PD    Scottsdale, Arizona    480-312-5000
Gilbert PD    Gilbert, Arizona    480-503-6500
Tempe PD    Tempe, Arizona    480-350-8311
Peoria PD    Peoria, Arizona    623-773-8311
Little Rock PD    Little Rock, Arkansas    501-371-4829
Fort Smith PD    Fort Smith, Arkansas    479-785-4221
Fayetteville PD    Fayetteville, Arkansas    479-587-3555
Springdale PD    Springdale, Arkansas    479-751-4542
Jonesboro PD    Jonesboro, Arkansas    870-935-5562
Rogers PD    Rogers, Arkansas    479-636-4141
Conway PD    Conway, Arkansas    501-450-6120
Pine Bluff PD    Pine Bluff, Arkansas    870-543-5100
Bentonville PD    Bentonville, Arkansas    479-271-3170
Los Angeles PD    Los Angeles, California    877-275-5273
San Diego PD    San Diego, California    858-484-3154
San Jose PD    San Jose, California    408-277-8900
San Francisco PD    San Francisco, California    415-553-0123
Fresno PD    Fresno, California    559-621-7000
Sacramento PD    Sacramento, California    916-264-5471
Long Beach PD    Long Beach, California    562-435-6711
Oakland PD    Oakland, California    510-777-3333
Bakersfield PD    Bakersfield, California    661-327-7111
Denver PD    Denver, Colorado    720-913-2000
Colorado Springs PD    Colorado Springs, Colorado    719-444-7000
Aurora PD    Aurora, Colorado    630-256-5000
Fort Collins PD    Fort Collins, Colorado    970-221-6540
Lakewood PD    Lakewood, Colorado    303-987-7111
Thornton PD    Thornton, Colorado    720-977-5150
Arvada PD    Arvada, Colorado    720-898-6900
Pueblo PD    Pueblo, Colorado    719-553-2502
Arapahoe County Sheriff    Centennial, Colorado    303-795-4711
Bridgeport PD    Bridgeport, Connecticut    203-576-7671
New Haven PD    New Haven, Connecticut    203-946-6316
Stamford PD    Stamford, Connecticut    203-977-4444
Hartford PD    Hartford, Connecticut    860-757-4000
Waterbury PD    Waterbury, Connecticut    203-574-6911
Norwalk PD    Norwalk, Connecticut    203-854-3000
Danbury PD    Danbury, Connecticut    203-797-4614
New Britain PD    New Britain, Connecticut    860-826-3000
Greenwich PD    Greenwich, Connecticut    203-622-8004
Wilmington PD    Wilmington, Delaware    302-654-5151
Dover PD    Dover, Delaware    302-736-7111
Newark PD    Newark, Delaware    302-366-7111
Middletown PD    Middletown, Delaware    302-573-2800
Milford PD    Milford, Delaware    302-422-8081
Smyrna PD    Smyrna, Delaware    302-653-3491
Seaford PD    Seaford, Delaware    302-629-6644
Georgetown PD    Georgetown, Delaware    302-856-6613
Elsmere PD    Elsmere, Delaware    302-998-1173
Jacksonville Sheriff    Jacksonville, Florida    904-630-0500
Miami PD    Miami, Florida    305-579-6111
Tampa PD    Tampa, Florida    813-231-6130
Orlando PD    Orlando, Florida    321-235-5300
St. Petersburg PD    St. Petersburg, Florida    727-893-7780
Tallahassee PD    Tallahassee, Florida    850-606-5800
Hialeah PD    Hialeah, Florida    305-687-2525
Fort Lauderdale PD    Fort Lauderdale, Florida    954-764-4357
Cape Coral PD    Cape Coral, Florida    239-574-3223
Atlanta PD    Atlanta, Georgia    404-614-6544
Richmond County Sheriff    Augusta, Georgia    706-821-1065
Savannah-Chatham PD    Savannah, Georgia    912-652-6500
Athens PD    Athens, Georgia    706-613-3345
Sandy Springs PD    Sandy Springs, Georgia    770-551-6900
Bibb County Sheriff    Macon, Georgia    478-751-7500
Johns Creek PD    Johns Creek, Georgia    678-474-1600
Warner Robins PD    Warner Robins, Georgia    478-302-5378
Alpharetta PD    Alpharetta, Georgia    678-297-6300
Honolulu PD    Honolulu, Hawaii    808-529-3111
Honolulu PD    Pearl City, Hawaii    808-723-8800
Hawaii PD    Hilo, Hawaii    808-935-3311
Honolulu PD    Mililani, Hawaii    808-723-8710
Honolulu PD    Waipahu, Hawaii    808-723-8805
Honolulu PD    Kaneohe, Hawaii    808-723-8640
Honolulu PD    Wahiawa, Hawaii    808-723-8700
Honolulu PD    Kapolei, Hawaii    808-723-8400
Honolulu PD    Waimalu, Hawaii    808-529-3111
Boise PD    Boise, Idaho    208-377-6790
Nampa PD    Nampa, Idaho    208-465-2257
Meridian PD    Meridian, Idaho    208-888-6678
Idaho Falls PD    Idaho Falls, Idaho    208-612-8616
Pocatello PD    Pocatello, Idaho    208-234-6100
Caldwell PD    Caldwell, Idaho    208-454-7531
Twin Falls PD    Twin Falls, Idaho    208-735-4357
Lewiston PD    Lewiston, Idaho    208-746-0171
Post Falls PD    Post Falls, Idaho    208-773-3517
Chicago PD    Chicago, Illinois    312-746-6000
Aurora PD    Aurora, Illinois    630-256-5000
Rockford PD    Rockford, Illinois    815-966-2900
Joliet PD    Joliet, Illinois    815-726-2491
Naperville PD    Naperville, Illinois    630-420-6666
Springfield PD    Springfield, Illinois    217-788-8311
Peoria PD    Peoria, Illinois    309-673-4521
Elgin PD    Elgin, Illinois    847-289-2700
Waukegan PD    Waukegan, Illinois    847-360-9000
Indianapolis Metro PD    Indianapolis, Indiana    317-327-3811
Fort Wayne PD    Fort Wayne, Indiana    260-427-1222
Evansville PD    Evansville, Indiana    812-436-7896
South Bend PD    South Bend, Indiana    574-235-9201
Hammond PD    Hammond, Indiana    219-852-2900
Bloomington PD    Bloomington, Indiana    812-339-4477
Carmel PD    Carmel, Indiana    317-773-1282
Gary PD    Gary, Indiana    219-660-0000
Muncie PD    Muncie, Indiana    765-747-4838
Des Moines PD    Des Moines, Iowa    515-283-4811
Cedar Rapids PD    Cedar Rapids, Iowa    319-286-5491
Davenport PD    Davenport, Iowa    563-326-7979
Sioux City PD    Sioux City, Iowa    712-279-6960
Iowa City PD    Iowa City, Iowa    319-356-5275
Ames PD    Ames, Iowa    515-239-5133
Council Bluffs PD    Council Bluffs, Iowa    712-328-4701
Dubuque PD    Dubuque, Iowa    563-589-4415
Waterloo PD    Waterloo, Iowa    319-291-2515
Wichita PD    Wichita, Kansas    316-268-4111
Overland Park PD    Overland Park, Kansas    913-895-6300
Kansas City PD    Kansas City, Kansas    913-596-3000
Olathe PD    Olathe, Kansas    913-782-0720
Topeka PD    Topeka, Kansas    785-368-9551
Lawrence PD    Lawrence, Kansas    785-832-7509
Shawnee PD    Shawnee, Kansas    913-631-2150
Lenexa PD    Lenexa, Kansas    913-477-7300
Salina PD    Salina, Kansas    785-826-7210
Lexington PD    Lexington, Kentucky    859-258-3600
Louisville Metro PD    Lousiville, Kentucky    502-574-7111
Bowling Green PD    Bowling Green, Kentucky    270-393-2473
Owensboro PD    Owensboro, Kentucky    270-687-8888
Covington PD    Covington, Kentucky    859-356-3191
Hopkinsville PD    Hopkinsville, Kentucky    270-890-1300
Elizabethtown PD    Elizabethtown, Kentucky    270-765-4125
Henderson PD    Henderson, Kentucky    270-831-1295
Nicholasville PD    Nicholasville, Kentucky    859-885-9467
New Orleans PD    New Orleans, Louisiana    504-821-2222
Baton Rouge PD    Baton Rouge, Louisiana    225-389-2000
Shreveport PD    Shreveport, Louisiana    318-673-7300
Lafayette PD    Lafayette, Louisiana    337-291-8600
Lake Charles PD    Lake Charles, Louisiana    337-491-1456
Kenner PD    Kenner, Louisiana    504-712-2222
Bossier City PD    Bossier City, Louisiana    318-741-8611
Alexandria PD    Alexandria, Louisiana    318-449-5099
Houma PD    Houma, Louisiana    985-873-6306
Portland PD    Portland, Maine    207-874-8575
Lewiston PD    Lewiston, Maine    207-784-6421
Bangor PD    Bangor, Maine    207-947-7382
South Portland PD    South Portland, Maine    207-874-8575
Biddeford PD    Biddeford, Maine    207-282-5127
Saco PD    Saco, Maine    207-282-8214
Augusta PD    Augusta, Maine    207-626-2370
Windham PD    Windham, Maine    207-892-2525
Gorham PD    Gorham, Maine    207-839-5581
Baltimore County PD    Baltimore, Maryland    410-887-2222
Frederick PD    Frederick, Maryland    301-600-2100
Rockville PD    Rockville, Maryland    240-314-8900
Gaithersburg PD    Gaithersburg, Maryland    301-279-8000
Montgomery County PD    Silver Spring, Maryland    240-773-6800
Bowie PD    Bowie, Maryland    240-544-5700
Hagerstown PD    Hagerstown, Maryland    301-739-8577
Annapolis PD    Annapolis, Maryland    410-268-4141
University of Maryland PD    College Park, Maryland    301-405-3555
Boston PD    Boston, Massachusetts    617-343-4200
Worcester PD    Worcester, Massachusetts    508-799-8600
Springfield PD    Springfield, Massachusetts    413-787-6302
Lowell PD    Lowell, Massachusetts    978-937-3200
Cambridge PD    Cambridge, Massachusetts    617-349-3300
New Bedford PD    New Bedford, Massachusetts    508-991-6300
Brockton PD    Brockton, Massachusetts    508-941-0200
Quincy PD    Quincy, Massachusetts    617-479-1212
Lynn PD    Lynn, Massachusetts    781-595-2000
Detroit PD    Detroit, Michigan    313-267-4600
Grand Rapids PD    Grand Rapids, Michigan    616-456-3400
Sterling Heights PD    Sterling Heights, Michigan    586-446-2800
Ann Arbor PD    Ann Arbor, Michigan    734-994-2911
Lansing PD    Lansing, Michigan    517-483-4680
Dearborn PD    Dearborn, Michigan    313-943-2242
Flint PD    Flint, Michigan    810-237-6800
Livonia PD    Livonia, Michigan    734-466-2400
Westland PD    Westland, Michigan    734-722-9600
Minneapolis PD    Minneapolis, Minnesota    612-348-2345
Saint Paul PD    Saint Paul, Minnesota    651-291-1111
Rochester PD    Rochester, Minnesota    507-328-6800
Duluth PD    Duluth, Minnesota    218-625-3581
Bloomington PD    Bloomington, Minnesota    952-563-4900
Brooklyn Park PD    Brooklyn Park, Minnesota    763-493-8222
St. Cloud PD    St. Cloud, Minnesota    407-891-6700
Eagan PD    Eagan, Minnesota    651-675-5700
Eden Prairie PD    Eden Prairie, Minnesota    952-949-6200
Jackson PD    Jackson, Mississippi    601-960-1234
Gulfport PD    Gulfport, Mississippi    228-868-5959
Southaven PD    Southaven, Mississippi    662-393-8652
Hattiesburg PD    Hattiesburg, Mississippi    601-545-4910
Biloxi PD    Biloxi, Mississippi    228-392-0641
Tupelo PD    Tupelo, Mississippi    662-841-6491
Meridian PD    Meridian, Mississippi    601-485-1960
Olive Branch PD    Olive Branch, Mississippi    662-895-4111
Pearl PD    Pearl, Mississippi    601-939-7000
Kansas City PD    Kansas City, Missouri    816-234-5111
St. Louis PD    St. Louis, Missouri    314-231-1212
Springfield PD    Springfield, Missouri    417-864-1810
Independence PD    Independence, Missouri    816-325-7300
Columbia PD    Columbia, Missouri    573-442-6131
Lee's Summit PD    Lee's Summit, Missouri    816-969-7390
O'Fallon PD    O'Fallon, Missouri    636-240-3200
Saint Joseph PD    Saint Joseph, Missouri    816-271-4777
Saint Charles PD    Saint Charles, Missouri    636-949-3300
Billings PD    Billings, Montana    406-657-8200
Missoula PD    Missoula, Montana    406-552-6300
Great Falls PD    Great Falls, Montana    406-727-7688
Bozeman PD    Bozeman, Montana    406-582-2000
Butte PD    Butte, Montana    406-497-6200
Helena PD    Helena, Montana    406-447-8461
Kalispell PD    Kalispell, Montana    406-758-7780
Havre PD    Havre, Montana    406-265-4361
Anaconda PD    Anaconda, Montana    406-563-5241
Omaha PD    Omaha, Nebraska    402-444-5600
Lincoln PD    Lincoln, Nebraska    402-441-6000
Grand Island PD    Grand Island, Nebraska    308-385-5400
Kearney PD    Kearney, Nebraska    308-237-2104
Fremont PD    Fremont, Nebraska    402-727-2677
Hastings PD    Hastings, Nebraska    402-461-2380
North Platte PD    North Platte, Nebraska    308-535-6789
Papillion PD    Papillion, Nebraska    402-597-2035
La Vista PD    La Vista, Nebraska    402-331-1582
Las Vegas Metro PD    Las Vegas, Nevada    702-828-3111
Henderson PD    Henderson, Nevada    702-267-5000
Reno PD    Reno, Nevada    775-334-2677
Sparks PD    Sparks, Nevada    775-353-2231
Carson City PD    Carson City, Nevada    775-887-2677
Nye County Sheriff    Pahrump, Nevada    775-553-2345
Churchill County Sheriff    Fallon, Nevada    775-423-3116
Elko PD    Elko, Nevada    775-777-7300
Fernley PD    Fernley, Nevada    775-577-5023
Manchester PD    Manchester, New Hampshire    603-668-8711
Nashua PD    Nashua, New Hampshire    603-594-3500
Concord PD    Concord, New Hampshire    603-225-8600
Derry PD    Derry, New Hampshire    603-432-6111
Merrimack PD    Merrimack, New Hampshire    603-424-3774
Rochester PD    Rochester, New Hampshire    603-330-7127
Londonderry PD    Londonderry, New Hampshire    603-432-1118
Keene PD    Keene, New Hampshire    603-357-9815
Portsmouth PD    Portsmouth, New Hampshire    603-427-1500
Newark PD    Newark, New Jersey    973-733-6000
Jersey City PD    Jersey City, New Jersey    201-547-5477
Paterson PD    Paterson, New Jersey    973-321-1111
Elizabeth PD    Elizabeth, New Jersey    908-558-2000
Woodbridge PD    Woodbridge, New Jersey    732-634-7700
Trenton PD    Trenton, New Jersey    609-989-4000
Clifton PD    Clifton, New Jersey    973-470-5911
Camden County PD    Camden, New Jersey    856-757-7474
Cherry Hill PD    Cherry Hill, New Jersey    856-665-1200
Albuquerque PD    Albuquerque, New Mexico    505-242-2677
Las Cruces PD    Las Cruces, New Mexico    575-526-0795
Rio Rancho PD    Rio Rancho, New Mexico    505-891-7226
Sante Fe PD    Sante Fe, New Mexico    505-428-3710
Roswell PD    Roswell, New Mexico    575-624-6770
Farmington PD    Farmington, New Mexico    505-334-6622
Hobbs PD    Hobbs, New Mexico    575-397-9265
Alamogordo PD    Alamogordo, New Mexico    575-439-4300
Carlsbad PD    Carlsbad, New Mexico    575-885-2111
New York City PD    New York City, New York    212-477-9218
Buffalo PD    Buffalo, New York    716-851-4444
Rochester PD    Rochester, New York    585-428-5990
Yonkers PD    Yonkers, New York    914-377-7900
Syracuse PD    Syracuse, New York    315-442-5151
Albany PD    Albany, New York    518-438-4000
Huntington Bay PD    Huntington, New York    631-427-2020
Suffolk County PD    Smithtown, New York    631-852-2677
New Rochelle PD    New Rochelle, New York    914-654-2300
Charlotte PD    Charlotte, North Carolina    704-353-1000
Raleigh PD    Raleigh, North Carolina    919-831-6311
Greensboro PD    Greensboro, North Carolina    363-373-2222
Durham PD    Durham, North Carolina    919-560-4600
Winston-Salem PD    Winston-Salem, North Carolina    336-773-7700
Fayetteville PD    Fayetteville, North Carolina    910-433-1529
Cary PD    Cary, North Carolina    919-469-4012
Wilmington PD    Wilmington, North Carolina    910-452-6120
High Point PD    High Point, North Carolina    336-883-3224
Fargo PD    Fargo, North Dakota    701-235-4493
Bismarck PD    Bismarck, North Dakota    701-223-1212
Grand Forks PD    Grand Forks, North Dakota    701-787-8000
Minot PD    Minot, North Dakota    701-852-0111
Williston PD    Williston, North Dakota    701-577-1212
Mandan PD    Mandan, North Dakota    701-667-3250
Jamestown PD    Jamestown, North Dakota    701-252-1000
Wahpeton PD    Wahpeton, North Dakota    701-642-7722
West Fargo PD    West Fargo, North Dakota    701-433-5500
Columbus PD    Columbus, Ohio    614-645-4545
Cleveland PD    Cleveland, Ohio    216-621-1234
Cincinnati PD    Cincinnati, Ohio    513-765-1212
Toledo PD    Toledo, Ohio    419-245-3340
Akron PD    Akron, Ohio    330-375-2552
Dayton PD    Dayton, Ohio    937-333-2677
Youngstown PD    Youngstown, Ohio    330-747-7911
Lorain PD    Lorain, Ohio    440-204-2100
Elyria PD    Elyria, Ohio    440-323-3302
Oklahoma City PD    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma    405-231-2121
Tulsa PD    Tulsa, Oklahoma    918-596-9222
Norman PD    Norman, Oklahoma    405-321-1444
Broken Arrow PD    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma    918-259-8400
Lawton PD    Lawton, Oklahoma    580-581-3271
Edmond PD    Edmond, Oklahoma    405-359-4338
Moore Pd    Moore, Oklahoma    405-793-5171
Enid PD    Enid, Oklahoma    580-242-7000
Stillwater PD    Stillwater, Oklahoma    405-742-8298
Portland PD    Portland, Oregon    503-823-3333
Salem PD    Salem, Oregon    503-588-6123
Eugene PD    Eugene, Oregon    541-682-5111
Gresham PD    Gresham, Oregon    503-823-3333
Hillsboro PD    Hillsboro, Oregon    503-629-0111
Beaverton PD    Beaverton, Oregon    503-629-0111
Bend PD    Bend, Oregon    541-693-6911
Medford PD    Medford, Oregon    541-774-2250
Corvallis PD    Corvallis, Oregon    541-766-6924
Philadelphia PD    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    215-686-8477
Pittsburgh PD    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    412-255-2621
Allentown PD    Allentown, Pennsylvania    610-437-7751
Erie PD    Erie, Pennsylvania    814-870-1125
Reading PD    Reading, Pennsylvania    610-655-6111
Scranton PD    Scranton, Pennsylvania    570-348-4141
Lancaster PD    Lancaster, Pennsylvania    717-664-1180
Harrisburg PD    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania    717-558-6900
Haverford PD    Haverford, Pennsylvania    610-853-1298
Providence PD    Providence, Rhode Island    401-272-3121
Warwick PD    Warwick, Rhode Island    401-468-4200
Cranston PD    Cranston, Rhode Island    401-942-2211
Pawtucket PD    Pawtucket, Rhode Island    401-727-9100
East Providence PD    East Providence, Rhode Island    401-435-7600
Woonsocket PD    Woonsocket, Rhode Island    401-766-1212
Coventry PD    Coventry, Rhode Island    401-826-1100
Cumberland PD    Cumberland, Rhode Island    401-333-2500
Middletown PD    Middletown, Rhode Island    401-846-1144
Columbia PD    Columbia, South Carolina    803-252-2911
Charleston PD    Charleston, South Carolina    843-743-7200
Mount Pleasant PD    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina    843-884-4176
Rock Hill PD    Rock Hill, South Carolina    803-329-5500
Greenville PD    Greenville, South Carolina    864-271-5333
Summerville PD    Summerville, South Carolina    843-875-1650
Sumter PD    Sumter, South Carolina    803-436-2770
Goose Creek PD    Goose Creek, South Carolina    (843) 572-4300
Florence PD    Florence, South Carolina    843-665-3191
Sioux Falls PD    Sioux Falls, South Dakota    605-367-7000
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Knoxville PD    Knoxville, Tennessee    865-215-7268
Chattanooga PD    Chattanooga, Tennessee    423-698-2525
Clarksville PD    Clarksville, Tennessee    931-552-1011
Murfreesboro PD    Murfreesboro, Tennessee    615-849-2670
Jackson PD    Jackson, Tennessee    731-425-8630
Johnson City PD    Johnson City, Tennessee    423-434-6160
Bartlett PD    Bartlett, Tennessee    901-385-5555
Houston PD    Houston, Texas    713-884-3131
San Antonio PD    San Antonio, Texas    210-207-7273
Dallas PD    Dallas, Texas    214-744-4444
Austin PD    Austin, Texas    512-974-2000
Fort Worth PD    Fort Worth, Texas    817-335-4222
El Paso PD    El Paso, Texas    915-832-4400
Arlington PD    Arlington, Texas    817-274-4444
Corpus Christi PD    Corpus Christi, Texas    361-886-2600
Plano PD    Plano, Texas    972-424-5678
Salt Lake City PD    Salt Lake City, Utah    801-799-3000
West Valley City PD    West Valley City, Utah    801-840-4000
West Jordan PD    West Jordan, Utah    801-256-2000
Orem PD    Orem, Utah    801-229-7070
Ogden PD    Ogden, Utah    801-395-8221
St. George PD    St. George, Utah    435-627-4300
Layton PD    Layton, Utah    801-497-8300
Taylorsville PD    Taylorsville, Utah    801-743-7000
South Jordan    South Jordan, Utah    801-840-4000
Burlington PD    Burlington, Vermont    802-658-2704
Essex PD    Essex, Vermont    802-878-8331
Colchester PD    Colchester, Vermont    802-264-5555
Rutland PD    Rutland, Vermont    802-773-1816
Bennington PD    Bennington, Vermont    802-442-1030
Brattleboro PD    Brattleboro, Vermont    802-257-7950
Barre PD    Barre, Vermont    802-476-6613
Middlebury PD    Middlebury, Vermont    802-388-3191
Montpelier PD    Montpelier, Vermont    802-223-3445
Virginia Beach PD    Virginia Beach, Virginia    757-385-5000
Norfolk PD    Norfolk, Virginia    757-441-5610
Chesapeake PD    Chesapeake, Virginia    757-382-6161
Arlington PD    Arlington, Virginia    703-558-2222
Richmond PD    Richmond, Virginia    804-646-5100
Newport News PD    Newport News, Virginia    757-247-2500
Alexandria PD    Alexandria, Virginia    703-746-4444
Hampton PD    Hampton, Virginia    757-727-6111
Roanoke PD    Roanoke, Virginia    540-562-3265
Seattle PD    Seattle, Washington    206-625-5011
Spokane PD    Spokane, Washington    509-477-5980
Tacoma PD    Tacoma, Washington    253-798-4721
Vancouver PD    Vancouver, Washington    360-693-3111
Bellevue PD    Bellevue, Washington    425-577-5656
Everett PD    Everett, Washington    425-407-3999
Renton PD    Renton, Washington    425-235-2121
Yakima PD    Yakima, Washington    509-575-6200
Federal Way PD    Federal Way, Washington    253-835-2121
Charleston PD    Charleston, West Virginia    304-348-6460
Huntington PD    Huntington, West Virginia    304-696-4470
Parkersburg PD    Parkersburg, West Virginia    304-485-8501
Morgantown PD    Morgantown, West Virginia    304-284-7522
Wheeling PD    Wheeling, West Virginia    304-234-3661
Weirton PD    Weirton, West Virginia    304-797-8500
Martinsburg PD    Martinsburg, West Virginia    304-264-2100
Beckley PD    Beckley, West Virginia    304-256-1700
Clarksburg PD    Clarksburg, West Virginia    304-622-8416
Milwaukee PD    Milwaukee, Wisconsin    414-933-4444
Madison PD    Madison, Wisconsin    608-255-2345
Green Bay PD    Green Bay, Wisconsin    920-391-7450
Kenosha PD    Kenosha, Wisconsin    262-656-1234
Racine PD    Racine, Wisconsin    262-886-2300
Appleton PD    Appleton, Wisconsin    920-832-5500
Waukesha PD    Waukesha, Wisconsin    262-524-3831
Eau Claire PD    Eau Claire, Wisconsin    715-839-4972
Oshkosh PD    Oshkosh, Wisconsin    920-236-5700
Cheyenne PD    Cheyenne, Wyoming    307-637-6524
Casper PD    Casper, Wyoming    307-235-8278
Laramie PD    Laramie, Wyoming    307-721-2526
Gillette PD    Gillette, Wyoming    307-682-5155
Rock Springs PD    Rock Springs, Wyoming    307-352-1575
Sheridan PD    Sheridan, Wyoming    307-672-2413
Green River PD    Green River, Wyoming    307-875-1400
Riverton PD    Riverton, Wyoming    307-856-4891
Jackson PD    Jackson, Wyoming    307-733-2331

112 in USA for EU Members

mobile phone call to 112
112 is the emergency number in all 28 EU member states, as well as other European countries and elsewhere. People in danger can call 112 24/7 to reach the fire brigade, medical assistance and the police. The European emergency number is free and can be reached by landlines as well as mobiles. The increased levels of Europeans travelling within the EU led to the Council of the EU introducing a common emergency number in all states to avoid the need of remembering different national numbers depending on one’s location. 112 is an easy number to remember and the only number one needs to know when travelling in the EU, a great tool when considering the state of distress people find themselves when in an emergency.

Call to 911 or 999?

Call to 911 or 999?
When to call 911 or 999?
Call 911 or 999 in a medical emergency when someone is:
seriously ill
at risk of dying
When to call 911 or 999 for your child
Call 911 or 999 and ask for an ambulance if your child:
is unconscious, especially if they had a recent fall or a head injury,
is not breathing or turning blue around the lips or face,
is choking - first aid steps for choking while waiting for the ambulance to arrive,
has taken medication, poison or a chemical substance and is now difficult to wake up,
is having a severe allergic reaction. This could include noisy breathing or difficulty breathing,
has a large cut and you are unable to stop the bleeding,
has a seizure for the first time,
has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and has a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes or has one seizure after another.

Always call 911 or 999 if your child is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk. If your child has a seizure disorder. If your child has a seizure disorder, such as epilepsy, you may have got instructions on what to do if they have a seizure. Follow those instructions. Keep any written instructions where you can easily find them. Make sure that everyone who cares for your child knows where these instructions are. How to call 911 or 999. There are two emergency numbers in Ireland — 911 and 999. Both are free of charge to call. Call the emergency services by dialling 911 or 999 from a mobile or fixed phone line. 911 also works in any EU country and from any phone, free of charge.

Search localisation by code area or code area by localisation

New numbers from UK

8073061126 Positive

Mwolghaghaal Felix Remshak

IP Address: 197.211.60.**, Date added 2019-01-10 03:44:52
6281296565197 Neutral


IP Address:**, Date added 2018-12-19 07:38:51
447542964565 Positive


IP Address:**, Date added 2018-12-30 11:28:19
1856916478 Neutral


IP Address: 123.136.115.**, Date added 2018-12-19 15:36:14
6612399977 Dangerous

bad people

IP Address: 195.76.183.**, Date added 2020-05-19 16:52:48
8006471952 Dangerous


IP Address: 174.230.131.**, Date added 2019-12-05 19:45:17
2132494259 Positive


IP Address:**, Date added 2018-12-09 10:44:39
7081510975 Dangerous


IP Address: 112.79.132.**, Date added 2018-12-10 11:05:40
5183713700 Positive

This is CVS pharmacy located off of 146 Clifton Park, New York

IP Address: 107.77.161.**, Date added 2020-05-11 12:39:22
8002268379 Dangerous

Hang up

IP Address: 174.63.62.**, Date added 2019-11-12 23:52:37
918302797522 Positive

Numero privato

IP Address: 157.37.198.**, Date added 2018-12-23 07:25:33
3214058124 Positive

Positive number

IP Address: 172.58.175**, Date added 2020-01-06 20:18:51

Unknown phone number

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missed call
Unknown number is calling you you? Check this phone number. Check what are the opinions about this phone number of other users of our site. If someone from an unknown phone number called you, you can either call him back or check his phone number in our database, where other users share their opinions about their and other telephone numbers with others. By checking an unknown mobile or landline number in our number database, you can be sure that the number that called you is a secure phone number and you can call back at no hidden costs. Try it, it is free and easy here. The extensive base of telephone numbers both mobile and stationary in present times is very necessary because it often happens when we call back to an unknown phone number without knowing that there are various types of fees.

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Our opinions are from our users, from our mobile applications, and from internet ect: other similar websites with reviews, shouldianswer.net, checkphonenumber.co.uk and simmilar, to help Internet users find mutual reviews that they are looking for.

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emergency numbers in the uk
Opinions are designed to inform other Internet users about their own experiences. Opinions are for internet users who seek these opinions, which are needed to express their own opinion.

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opinions about phone numbers
Checking phone numbers (whose phone number is how to check). Our website PHONE NUMBER CHECK UK was created to meet your needs for checking and exchanging opinions and reviews about unknown phone numbers. On our website you will find various types of analysis for a given telephone number, such as: frequency search charts for a given number, number of individual searches for a given number, last number search results, similar numbers, total number of visits per page, total number searches, number record in the form verbal, general amount of comments in our database and many more. Additionally, for our users, we provide geolocation of landline numbers on our website, including their imaging on the map as well as terrain through the Street View service.

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calling me
Your information about who called from the indicated phone number to you will be stored in our database of landline and mobile numbers. Sharing message with other users including phone number can prevent many threats or form positive feedback on subject of a given telephone or company number. Warning of others about the risks of receiving certain dangerous and paid telephone calls from specific phone numbers are now important information thanks to which you can protect against fraud or extortion resulting from large telecommunications charges among others for calling back, writing an SMS, answering a telephone. Who called, what are the opinions, from what network he called or from some mobile operator? Perhaps somebody called on a loan, a loan, a real estate, buying a car, an auction on ebay.co.uk, on a job, on a case payday or on third party insurance or flat insurance. Someone could also call from a bank or debt collection. Someone could have contacted the hotel regarding a vacation or holiday, from a service company regarding the service ordered, or a courier called with a delivery package purchased on the ebay or online store. Perhaps a missed call is in the case of an advertisement that you posted (posted) in the local newspaper or olx.co.uk ?

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phone number reviews on facebook
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calls - telephone numbers
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Dangerous numbers


Probable autodialer


Recording, they are going to take me to jail.????


do not know number


no voice mail keeps calling


nuisance call

Positive numbers


mission discount realty corpus christi


distribution center for Night and Day Furniture


chicago title houston


it's Expedia calling me back:)


ray's mug&jug party store mio food stores 48647-8739

Annoying numbers


unknown caller


This is a recruiter


i received a call. did not call back. I dont call back numbers i dont know. Does anybody have some info about this number?


This Arizona - Phoenix number must be part of the range of numbers dedicated to the same call center - I can see more similar numbers of the same range 60233895xx reported already, mostly with back brace. In the case of this number they left no message, no


855-702-8966 -aka- 855-385-5356 -aka- 855-849-1940 are illegally calling us and sending out spam postal mailings nonstop. The company is called Funding Circle -aka- FC Marketplace LLC. We have asked them to stop calling and mailing us this junk repeatedly, but they have outright refused, and have even started sending the mailings from a different state now. Their addresses are : PO Box 56420, Portland, OR 97238 -aka- 747 Front Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 -aka- 1 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94

Neutral numbers


frankie's cafe plano


taqueria el mexicano no 2 victoria


This number is a SunTrust number. Yes they have to verify you by your account. Whatever card/social/account/phone number you enter in the automated system will show up if you speak to a rep. If only the account number pops up on their end they will ask for last 4 of your social to verify you. Verification requires your first and last name, full card or account number and last 4 of your social OR full social and last 4 of card or account number. If you all don't like that, don't bank at Suntrust.


Called and left no message. Strike two.


wood-chip waco