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constantly calls about student loans.


Calls several times leaves no message. Silent when answered.


fortify go-to


garrette from farm bureau

Positive ratings


Nu Tech Alarms Inc


not spam


real estate agent from valley wide real estate kingsburg


high cotton gym glennville 30427-2272 tattnall

Annoying ratings


This number must be part of the range of numbers dedicated to the same call center - I can see more similar numbers of the same range 41993041xx reported here already, so far as I can see on internet with warranty offers, vacation offers, mostly robocalls.


Well, I hope they have a good reason to call me few times a day... Probably robocaller of some call center used for the Presidential Coalition. But if you dial this number and ask them they will delete you from their call list, easy...


I have no caller-ID on this incoming call, but the message left threatened IRS consequences unless I call 888-372-3182 At Once. As I have no problems whatsoever w/the IRS, I see this as a malicious "spam" call to a land line I never use.


Claimed working with IRS could hear call center in background. Wanted to turn something over to local police. Then they hung up and it's been a busy singal ever since. It was some automated message that said federal government and I needed to call them rig

Neutral ratings


When they call he says his name is james cox in has been calling for 7 days smh saying that im listed on some one stuff for correspondent whatever that means and that I need to call before they take it to court


poole realty inc live oak


pioneer taxi prattsburgh 14873


This shows up on my cell as a reported telemarketer from Aurora, Ohio. I'm not getting results for many of the numbers I've been getting calls from.Nothing comes up here! Are people not posting as prolifically as they once were? Regardless, the call filtering program that came preinstalled on my phone put a caution up about this number (and a few others) as 'reported telemarketer'. Such a number gets an Amber colored icon that appears as it rings suggesting answer if you want; use cautio

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