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No answer when they called, just on the call back


Call came from number 302-747-1928 and first caller asked qualifying questions first if I had a credit card with at least a 2k credit limit and how much would I like them to send me to pay off credit card debt which I said none I don't have debt. Then second caller supervisor said job was simply emailing businesses to get them to use chip card reader in credit card machines for a minimum of 5 hours a week to make 2200 a month. They have until December to get businesses to use them. When I asked questio


obnoxious family


call center for insurance quotes

Positive ratings


real estate agent from anthony c Stepper danville


radiology department at hospital


real estate agent from gales & gales investment inc r oxnard


destination real estate houston

Annoying ratings


medical wrong number


9000.00 dollars for my use.to pay off debts fix up home ect.


unknown & unsolicited call


I received six calls back to back from 914-331-1380 and a text from 713-510-0223. The text indicated they wanted to loan me $2000 and couldn't reach me by phone. The next call from the 914 number, I answered and spoke with "Kevin" who said that

Neutral ratings


jackson lake church nazarene lake jackson


These calls are from Santander USA. Do not answer these phone numbers:214-540-0714214-614-3380214-237-3516214-237-3670214-614-3300214-540-2035214-757-1242214-540-0714214-614-3380303-302-1410303-658-9000303-832-1688619-757-1242619-757-1241888-222-4227888-422-4229972-559-1162972-559-1462469-427-5001469-385-5260817-887-0121800-418-1888408-589-8836312-393-0985605-884-4190866-460-2471909-271-4254Unknown Number


premier funding llc dallas


Verizon now spoofing calls to get you to "enroll" in their call blocking service for an additional 12.95 a month... 155.40 a year.... to block calls from your phone... Gee Verizon... on 'mazzon I have seen 1200 number call blockers for ~ 65.00 that last years.. Why would I pay you DOUBLE to do the same thing?

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