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Dangerous ratings


has called twice in the past hour. annoying as all hell.


won't stop calling


cash advance lie


No message left. Automatic negative for me.

Positive ratings


Called my cell at 4:10pm while I'm at work. Says he is Michael from (blank) Computer Services Company and wants to let me know my computer is sending daily reports to a Microsoft server. I ask him a lot of questions and keep calling his name, he finally asks me to turn on my computer which I cannot because I'm at work. He wants to know when is a good time to call me at home, I say never because I'm not an idiot. He gets really angry and ends the conversation calling me a f**king a**hole. Goog


real estate agent from benzer realty arroyo grande


miranda publishing llc atlanta 30346-2147 de kalb


my boy Billy

Annoying ratings


food delivery


Didn't answer, did not leave a voicemail


Don't know why they keep calling, I have no business with them.


I received a message on my answering machine from this number. The lady said she was from the "Deposit Services Department" of Chemical Bank. However, when I googled the phone number and/or the department title, I couldn't find any information on it. I called the number back outside of business hours & the voice mail said it was the "overdraft privilege department of Chemical Bank."

Neutral ratings


perryton junior high school perryton


Nearly every legacy and new-look IT vendor has its own consume on making the whole details center more programmable via software and less dependent on specialized, proprietary and expensive hardware.


I do have a Discover account and had contacted them on an account-related matter, I asked the agent about the 623 calls and they do not use that area code (623 is Arizona, likely some collection outfit). The one "message" they left is dead air.


misty d borland midland

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