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First date of search 2018-07-15 17:59:01
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Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City Alabama
Directional local 205 (0205)
Code 1205 (001205)
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Contact from Lifeline related to my mother.


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roo many calls


no contact


ask for help


Don't answer.. they might be scammers

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Port Chester Nursing Home


real estate agent from nino real estate hollister

Annoying ratings


no voicemail


Matt Jehn financial advisor


don't want them


Stated they were in Lumberton,NC, would make the payment for me if I would give her my checking account number. Was looking at my account, but was required to get my Acc. Number. Told her I would make the payment myself. It was after 6PM, could have called

Neutral ratings


This is a collections company, and it is against the law(the FDCPA) for them to identify themselves as collectors unless they know that they are speaking to the correct debtor. This is why they always ask if they are speaking to the correct person before they tell you why they are calling.If a person incurs a debt while he or she is married, that debt is legal the debt of the couple, not just one of them. When that couple divorces, this does not change. This is why it is perfectly legal for a person to call


Answered and delay then click and an obviously computer voice said Hi this is Carol. How are you? I stayed silent and no sound then just before I hung up it said are you there?


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