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First date of search 2018-06-04 11:36:25
Last search 2020-05-25 12:33:37
Number of searches 50
Number of reviews 0
Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City Pennsylvania
Directional local 215 (0215)
Code 1215 (001215)
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over and over


Helping Hands Donations


dont know dont know


voice recording

Positive ratings


Verizon Wireless Cust Srvc


Amazon Echo Alexa Find My Phone


new legacy investments inc southfield holding and other investment offices 48075-3008


Wall & Associates

Annoying ratings


Do what I did call them back and tell them to take you off their spammy call list and if they continue to call 5 times a day and not say anything to me I will do the same to them. they have called me for 2 months straight everyday, these phone calls are starting to feel harrassing!!!


could be reply about service done or could be just solicitation


Called 5-23-2017 at 9:53am. Hesitation when I answered hello then they came on and said Diversified Consultants but was cut off not by me Philadelphia area code


AS said in title, lol... Funny thing is they used a mesh on my umbilical hernia??? So guess I'm going to ask around localy.

Neutral ratings


They called my wife's cell and said they were "miss thompson at RCI and she was ready to talk when I was" and left a number. WTF. Nobody has my wife's cell # associated with me and who the hell gives a message like that? Reporting them.


Robocall trying to find someone. I've only talked to them once and told them they have a wrong number, I don't recognize the name of the person they are looking for, and I've asked them to remove my number from their list and to stop calling. But they kept asking detail questions like what state was I in. I hung up on them. THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED CALLING! And they go by other numbers like: 855-791-9102, 877-707-7587, 767-275-9193. They never call back with the same number.


executive cut llc lakewood ocean 08701-6074


sandobal style house houston

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