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Dangerous ratings


nuisance caller


have gotten same call from several numbers


Chicago police association scam


this number has a recording talking on it asking for someone that I do not know.

Positive ratings


Google Voice confirmation


real estate agent from california realty & funding san diego


benefit port roswell 30076-5615 fulton


real estate agent from haute properties indian wells

Annoying ratings


car warranty renewal call.


Until I got a cell phone of my own (not Verizon) for emergencies, I did not realize how the phone would be bombarded with spam voice mail messages. If a message comes in, the phone beeps every twenty minutes to let me know that I have to attend to it. So, several times a day I visit the Calls button, find "erase all calls", and do just that. This is getting to be revolting. If I wanted to listen to commercials, I would listen to the radio or the TV. The cell phone is a private communications devic


Caller ID shows as "Not in Use" but we as stupid business owners are supposed to answer these stupid calls !!!!!!! Yeah, right and the moon is made of cheese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The phone companies simply whine, moan and cry they can't do anything because these spammers/hackers are cloning phone #s so the rest of us who pay for our phone #s just need to shut up and suck it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a country !!!!!!!! People who steal and harass laugh all the way to their banks and the


I've been getting junk mail faxes from this 855-219-4122 number for many years. Before this number, it was a different number, but it looks like the same company. We get about 2 per week, sometimes more. They mainly spam Roofing Companies, Life Insurance companies, and Vacation & Travel offers. Don't bother wasting your time calling the "unsubscribe" number, it has no effect at all. They owe me a couple of reams of paper and several fax refill rolls by now. lol It's especially

Neutral ratings


asked for me by name, but could barely hear them..asked them to speak louder and they didn't say anything, so I hung up


gdf enterprises lubbock


Just a missed call two minutes ago


Receive calls from this number numerous times a day and several times a week.

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