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These scammers call my home phone and cell phone number repeatedly in an attempt to scam donations although I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling me and am also on the Indiana Do Not Call Registry. This has literally been going on for months where

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WebEx number


I have several calls from this number or similar about lowering interest on credit cards. I've pushed 3 to be removed no such thing. Pushed 1 to talk to their "friendly operator" when asked to be removed they hang up.. So now my new system is to push 1 and when they come on I have a very LOUD whistle and blow it directly into the mouthpiece.. I imagine they are saying to their fellow telemarketers you know what that bi och (you put the real word) did. Good I hope it blows their ear drum out..


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mimi walters


Vandevere Chevy


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Dave's Pest Control Inc.2749 La Darrah Street Eugene, OR 97404(541) 689-3882We are ant, roach & bed bug specialists. We have been providing quality commercial and residential pest control services to Eugene, OR for more than 20 years.


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Someone called my new cell phone number from this apparent Towson land line phone number 443-921-0110 at 5:48pm on Monday, 5/13/2013. I did not recognize the number calling, so I didn't answer. I received a voice mail alert, so I checked my messages. The caller did not say anything. Calling voice mail and listening to this blank voice mail message from this unknown caller cost me minutes. The least they could have done was to state who they were and why they were calling. My greeting has my name right

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