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First date of search 2018-07-12 19:38:40
Last search 2020-04-04 11:00:15
Number of searches 192
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Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City Wisconsin
Directional local 414 (0414)
Code 1414 (001414)
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call back no answet




Get continued bothersome calls from same series of numbers.


Scam call from the Asheville NC area trying to scam people out of money + a so called state trooper robocall

Positive ratings


trash out&prep clinton township business services 48038-1403




Raindrop Farms


real estate agent from laurel avenue assoc Realtors larkspur

Annoying ratings


Got one too...... saying "Hey ;)....". WTH? apparently some kid whos bored doing random texts?? If it keeps up, I'll do a trace on the number and turn them into their cell provider as a spammer and have their account suspended or cancelled. By what I see here, I'm thinking it's just random stupidity, lol


Car mail out ads


student loans


Said it was for a trip to the Bahamas probably a scam

Neutral ratings


hector hernandez crockett


773-432-4735 is being used by Glass Mountain Capital for making annoyingly persistent calls to wrong numbers. Such illegal and outrageous behavior of Glass Mountain Capital should not be tolerated. Glass Mountain Capital should be reported for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 USC Chapter 41, Subchapter V.


This # left a message claiming they were Medicare Advantage. They left 855-959-2133 to call about important info... I called my Medicare Advantage provider (Health Net.) They told me they had no such numbers in their directory and to refuse the call or be cautious.The Don Quixote in me took over and I called the 855 number. It was a voice response system that was actually affiliated with Health Net. They provided guided info about a number of health issues relative to 65+ persons.The caution everybody takes


Called my wife's cell phone. Caller with a think Indian accent began asking my wife a bunch of personal questions about her medical history. She hung up.

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