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Phone number: 4809460385

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-10-21 14:19:17
Last search 2020-02-20 09:44:07
Number of searches 12
Number of reviews 1
Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City Arizona
Directional local 480 (0480)
Code 1480 (001480)
Longitude | Latitude 15.6333 | -87.3167
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THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE GROUP ON THIS PAGE< BUT IT IS ABOUT ANOTHER POLICE GROUP>THIS IS OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION CAMPAIGN ABOUT POLICE FIRE VETERAN"S AND CHILDREN'S CHARITIES. It can happen anywhere and when it does we would love to hear from you. revjames@pfcl.org www.badgefraud.orgAs for the group on this page, it would be a good idea to let your fundraiser know we are out here and now you know that we are looking at them too. I would not let them misrepresent because the first time they do and


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Dangerous ratings


aragant **** didnt like it when i challenged him to his company and phone number and ended up getting all mean and arragant


Robot blabbed about renewing warranty service but never specified what or with who. complete scam




Recorded message, TOTAL SCAM, said they were from the Canadian revenue agency fraud and crime division, to call back otherwise legal action would take place. I googled the number they left, got some some rental agency in Toronto. I called the number back

Positive ratings


real estate agent from new century realty & inv Alhambra


our house realty inc dallas


nova down river taylor social services 48180-3835


Kaiser Permanente recorded message specific to a message from your doctor or member services

Annoying ratings


This number must be part of the range of numbers dedicated to the same call center - I can see more similar numbers of the same range 70688750xx reported here already, so far as I can see on internet with robot calls, resorts offers, free vacations / cruis


Ask if you are who you are. With more questions to the representative was asked if I signed online for mail order prescriptions.Told them to remove my numbet from database.


Did not answer and they left no message.


People did someone answer this number? I had few missed calls from this one, probably some call center robocaller testing my number? I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. I was trying to dig some info on the internet, don't want to call them back until I know who might be calling but no luck. Some idea who is it?

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windels marx lane & mittendorf florham park morris 07932-1213


c & a seneca construction inc staten island 10304-1637


I found this number hidden after my ceiling fell. I guess it my husbands girlfriend's number.

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