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First date of search 2018-12-20 21:26:51
Last search 2020-04-04 10:58:14
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d. rvrrvvcec


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Number of views : 8045266
Hits today : 5039
Number of comments : 3700429
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Annoying ratings : 15323
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An unwanted call from this L.A. cell number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, the caller left no message, just dead space. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) do this all the time while trolling the phone lines seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. Some posters have identified the caller as a scam contractor with the following information: ... According to www.whitepages.com this number is described as "scam or fraud." I'm sooooo surprised!!!!!


calling for what?


credit card scam


called back, message said, 'press 9 to be added to the do not call list.'

Positive ratings


King Travel


real estate agent from kimball & associates r e penn valley


Cmmunications Jennings De Pass


shahji international atlanta 30350-1067 fulton

Annoying ratings


I haven't found any ratings for this number somewhere else on internet resources, which should be a good sign... Does someone have some experience with this one? Was trying also different formats of this number, but no luck. On the other hand, I am not the


People did someone answer this number? I had few missed calls from this one, probably some call center robocaller testing my number? I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. I was trying to dig some info on the internet, don't want to call them back until I know who might be calling but no luck. Some idea who is it?


American Red Cross


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 83225173xx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with financial management - loans, advanced cache, but also fake IRS calls. Just block it if not interested (I use the app from these pages, no problems). Folks did they call you with the same or something new?

Neutral ratings




Comments elsewhere point to Americollect Inc. in Manitowoc, WI.Whether you are called a debtor or some collector thinks you can flush one out, you have rights and options. Many are simple to exercise if you only learn how. You are granted control of how you are contacted, the right to dispute debt claims, and the means to sue violators at low cost. The FTC and the CFPB can start you on your homework. See also if your state laws grant additional or stronger rights. official FTC guidance and staff opinions on


smith medical clinic pa md missouri city


caller poses as a potential buyer than asks you to e mail him and then use his paypal. They then steal your money. They use Kijiji Canada.

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