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Here is a LAWSUIT where a former employee alledges how Professional they really are:Prof'l Recovery Servs. v. GE Capital Corp., 642 F. Supp. 2d 391On June 22, 2005, Defendant Smith called Defendant GE's customer service department from her home in Philadelphia and was directed to Janine Movish, Senior Manager of Special Investigation in Law Enforcement and Fraud for Defendant GE, who was based in Ohio. (Movish Dep. 2007, Pl. Ex. 54A at 9-10, 16-17, 18, 138; Movish Dep. 2006, Def. Ex. B at 23-25; S


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Health Insurance sales


This went to voicemail- an automated voice began speaking without mentioned no any inmates’ names, but went on to describe charges for the call, etc. And did I want to accept just that call or set up prepaid fund for other calls. I know no one in any jail, prison, detention center, or the like. Further, it is a mobile phone, whichyo my knowledge is NOT handed to any inmates to make their calls outside the prison. It must be a scam- they called three times before leaving that message, I blocked them


spoof call


trip offer

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bake builders niles construction - special trade contractors 49120-4987


breckenridge photographics


Leon M Reimer & Co


real estate agent from searidge realty aptos

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Claimed to be filing a lawsuit against my name and SSN in San Francisco (I live in NV). Told them I do not conduct this sort of business over the phone to which they replied "fuck you, bitch."TOTAL SPAM


verification code sending cu


its unbelievable what people try to get away with


don't know this number

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veterans of foreign wars 8726 naples 14512-9762


smithtown bancorp inc hauppauge 11788-5174


diamond light & power monroe 10949-7155


plandome service inc manhasset 11030-1944

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