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First date of search 2018-06-21 10:05:35
Last search 2020-04-04 11:44:29
Number of searches 131
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Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City Texas
Directional local 830 (0830)
Code 1830 (001830)
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Dangerous ratings


did not answer no message left


Left long message that did not pertain to me. Filled my last bit of voicemail. The number they called from doesn't work to call back. Using fake number that is local to my phone to make you think they are pertinent to you. Jerks


This man had a very thick Indian accent. Left a message that he was from the Internal Revenue Service and to not ignore this message. I believe this is a phishing scam. I did not call the number back (even though he told me not to ignore the message and to call back immediately) He knew my name was Chappell, which was disturbing. I know the IRS sends notices via the mail.


calls nonstop

Positive ratings


reliable fastners marietta 30060-4971 cobb


emergency locksmith marietta 30066-2739 cobb


first ag credit rosenberg


real estate agent from laplante real estate oceanside

Annoying ratings


wants to talk w u n what u to give them all your bank info




This paid flunkie offers Lo Class Spam Processing, Lo Class Spam Services, Lo Class Spam Replication in a forum where it does not belong.


Humana Health Insurance leaving message with a personal code to call back for custom information to an issue reported.

Neutral ratings


I got a call from a "Sam Evans" today and yesterday He knew my first name said he hoped I was having a great day and he said that he was informed that I desired an analysis of my financial situation 770-828-8303. He said he's located pretty close to me. Kinda freaks me out. Is someone folowoing me? He sounded like a friendly person. My finances are totally in order and I do not give my info out randomly. I have zero late bills or anything like that to speak of. Anyone else?


washington twp board-education trenton mercer 08691-3119


On 08/14 I received a call from a man who identified himself as Michael Weaver Marion. He said that he thought he killed my dog, who is missing. He also said that he killed a fawn and a fox. He asked me to return his call at 301.785.9017. After trying to reach him for two days he finally answered the phone. The man who answered the phone had a voice that sounded the same, and he identified himself as Michael Weaver Marion, but he denied ever calling me. He also denied any knowledge of a dead dog or any othe


weirdo here

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