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First date of search 2019-09-04 15:04:19
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called several times Told him to take me off the list every time, He laughed. told him I would charge him $10.00 a min to talk to me. he laughed, added insulting comments and hung up


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comedy club. stand up live. Phoenix az


rebel tractor parts inc hazlehurst 31539-4653 jeff davis

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I missed a call from this number, when i called it back i got the automated message saying that this number is no longer in Service, which is strange since it called not 5 min before I called back.


police officer donation solicitor


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Hmm, even the Caller ID doesn't say some info, does someone know who is this? Have got a missed call from this one, don't wanna call back since I do not know the number... And as it seems also someone else was looking for the same number - people did someone answer it? Who is behind this number?

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When I talked to them they said they were YellowPages.net


Today 061809 around noon time 1240, this guy keeps harassing me over the phone. He keeps asking me about a girl named Cody and I've told him three times already that I don't know about that person. I don't know this guy who is calling. Somehow he knows where I work at and he threatens me. It doesn't seem to be a wrong number. Please give me some advice about what should I do now?


not a working number, thats what stupid says,- someone though still keeps calling now at times.[Weekly] but no ones there[so i dont answer] but wonder if answered and stayed on...[i wont but-] what info they can get. k sera'


harold youmans waco

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