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Phone number: 8556268988

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 1
Number of comments 7
First date of search 2018-05-28 23:38:05
Last search 2019-11-21 23:01:43
Number of searches 76
Number of reviews 7
Country Cambodia
Country code +855 (00855)
City Kampong Thom
Directional local 62 (062)
Code 85562 (0085562)
Longitude | Latitude 12.7111 | 104.8887
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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caller ID was Brandson/Weiss.


said my bank would be seized in 72 hours.


VM left that all assets would be frozen within 72 hours if we didn't respond to their law office due to a formal complaint that was filed by financial institution. Automated call.


left automated voicemail saying a formal complaint has been filed with financial institution and all assets and accounts are scheduled to be froze within 48 to 72 hours. if you wish to protest this case press 1 to be connected or call back and provided the


Left the following VM "there's been a formal complaint filed with your financial institution all assets and active accounts are scheduled to be closing within 72 hours if you wish to protest this case you must contact the law offices of Weiss and ass


Received numerous calls from different phone numbers. Messages left are automated saying they are going to freeze all assets if the phone call is not returned immediately.


unsolicited spam danger


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Hits today : 33543
Number of comments : 3700429
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Annoying ratings : 15323
Dangerous ratings : 309444

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A man called and asked why I called him. I told him I didn't call him, he called me. I asked why he was calling, and he asked who I was. I said I didnt want to give that information. He said, "Well if you tell me who you are, I can tell you why I call


When my bank called 1-888-832-5774, they answered “Hopeton State Bank”, which is the name printed on the fictitious Cashier's Check I received for over $4,000. This is part of a "Secret Shopper" scam. Unfortunately there is a real bank named Hopeton State Bank, but this is not their phone number and they have nothing to do with this scam.


keeps changing last 4 numbers


harassing call

Positive ratings


Edgemont Elementary School, Provo, UT


riverside publishing marietta 30067-2701 cobb


autozone flint automotive dealers and gasoline service stations 48507-2048


This is a Watch Dog Rep


PayPal / Synchrony bank

Annoying ratings


south Texas blood and tissue


USAA Auto Insurance follow up after filling out a quote online.


Personal capital


This number must be part of the range of numbers dedicated to the same call center - I can see more similar numbers of the same range 91890064xx reported here already, so far as I can see on internet with free vacation / resort offers, selling home securit


Realtor Broker Assistant - mobile number

Neutral ratings


Another call where no one talks when you answer the phone.


dirty b


I received a call and I said I don't put sales calls through to the President. She asked "why not?". I said I don't have to explain and hung up. I don't like controntations with strangers. I WISH I said "You sound depressed. Have you considered killing yourself?". Next time......


Sounded like a real person talking about getting a loan (we are looking at cars). I picked up to tell them they had the wrong number and it just kept going on - recording.

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