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Fuckers won't stop calling my phone. Been this way for awhile now.


car warranty


time-wasting recruiter


calls continuously

Positive ratings


Private number


Locums tenens


action realty victoria


lutheran church-redeemer dowagiac membership organizations 49047-8932

Annoying ratings


Wanted info from me to confirm they had the right person on file. I refused to give out any info, i told them to specify who they were looking for by saying tge age of the person on file. It wasn't me. It appears that someone used my name to create an account.


unknown person


Had a few missed calls from them so I decided to call them back. The lady who answered the phone answered by sayin “this is (company name - i couldn’t hear the name) on a recorded line for (my name), are you this person?” I said that I was. She said “we called because you’re interested in educational opportunities in your area. First off, did you graduate high school?” I said that she must be mistaken because I am not interested in educational opportunities in my area (I


School System

Neutral ratings


yates oil & gas midland


OK, the company hires individuals to sell merchant services to those who take credit cards. Like a work from home thing. The real phone number is 1-800-354-0274 and they are located at 300 West Osborne, Pheonix, AZ 85015,Suite 308. First they said 303 and then asked the person next to them and it was 308. 3rd. Floor.Call them back and have a great time. File a complaint as they are not a non profit company. Company is called Assisting US Jobs.


weldon stanford appraisals orlando


Same thing again. Looks like I was the last to report. They just keep calling.

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