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8666637732 DATE: 7-23-2009 TIME: 2:10 PM Windstream Communications called offering their DSL internet services. Caller: Windstream Communications Caller Type: Telemarketer, It is scam telemarketers! Not Windstream Communications. I spoke with windstream and they do not know anything about this company! RED LINE RECOVERY SERVICE. After the 2nd call today! Caller: Red Line Recovery Service, Caller Type: Collection Agency


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Yet another car warranty extension call. I've repeatedly requested they stop calling, and block every number I can and they just call from another number. I don't even own the car they are calling about. Never did - it was a company car - and I haven't had it in my possession for more than 2 years. Latest call was a recording so couldn't even ask to be removed (yet again).






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I had a missed call from this number on my mobile but no message left. Also similar number called me recently, probably the same marketing company? don't wanna call back since I do not know the number - it could be just a robocaller testing if my number is responding, don't want to let them know my line is active... People please did someone answer it? Who is behind this number?


No idea, my phone just rung two times and silence on the other end of the line... I don't want to call back since I don't know who is this or where they come from... Does someone answered this number?


People did someone answer this number? I had few missed calls from this one, probably some call center robocaller testing my number? I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. I was trying to dig some info on the internet, don't want to call them back until I know who might be calling but no luck. Some idea who is it?


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