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Info about cars


Robo call that says it's about health insurance, another scammer trying too get you too say yes so they can rip you off.


vehicle warranty


Don't know who keeps calling. Doesn't leave message.

Positive ratings


real estate agent from suttie realty long beach


wilbarger realty inc vernon


Wells Fargo loss prevention


Moore Business Forms

Annoying ratings


So i have MediCal, through Monarch Family Healthcare. They either probably wamted a survey, or just automated systemn or telling me that one of ly referrels has gone through. It is a little bit of a neuscense but i never answered it. Im just assuming because i have lupus and fibromyalgia and i go to the drs a lot for check ups so it was probably just some random insurance call for a referrel neimg ready, or automated momarch healthcare updates. Amswer of u wamt but i never amswer unknown calls


I didn't answer, Came up as Attleboro, MA.


Hospital Follow Up for Spotsylvania Emergency Center


Caller ID said "scam likely" it went to voice mail, was just a male voice that asked "hello" after several seconds of silence.

Neutral ratings


atlantic concrete ent inc mt sinai 11766-3424


hung up on me when I asked relevant questions and refused to answer theirs


Person would only give her name, no business name or other information about who she is. Have never done business with any company in FL or any business by the name of "First Atlantic."


484-841-2804 - Vitelity LLC is a provider of VoIP phone service, that is commonly used by a number of telemarketers, particularly calling from out of the country or overseas. These people are calling my business daily, yet anytime we answer, no one is there. If we don't answer and allow it to go to the answering machine, they leave no message. Reporting these as Nuisance Calls directly to the FCC.gov website.

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