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First date of search 2018-12-10 19:34:58
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Country United States
Country code +1 (001)
City North Carolina
Directional local 980 (0980)
Code 1980 (001980)
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I had a missed call from this number on my mobile but no message left. Also similar number called me recently (both same range, 4803768262 and 4803768263, probably the same marketing company? don't wanna call back since I do not know the number - it could be just a robocaller testing if my number is responding, don't want to let them know my line is active... People please did someone answer it? Who is behind this number?


Don't know them.


full of crap I don't answer numbers I don't know usually scammers if I wanted to renew something id get ahold of the company personally


Same thing here.....they call multiple times a day but never leave a message. I picked up once and they told me they were selling "senior" benefits. I told him I'm not interested and frankly I'm NOT a senior!. He continues to call and when I picked up last time and I told him I was reporting him as violating the Do Not Call List, he insisted he wasn't selling anything....so, he lied the first time or he lied the second time.....or both but he's still calling....fucker!

Positive ratings


helpful, patti


livingston realty swainsboro 30401-0646 emanuel


paula bohnert + company comfort


real estate agent from venture realty cathedral city

Annoying ratings


NC troopers fundind


they called and left no message


They've been calling me for a few weeks and i never get an answer... ultimately, i called them back and it is a collection agency.


BB&T customer service

Neutral ratings


steven bender dds plano


franklin covey san antonio


kyle beverding cypress


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