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this is annoying


Woman’s voice on recording saying she saw I had allled for a job with “our company” but never said what company. It hung up itself before it could finish.


tired of all these calls I don't want or need.


Nigerian call scam

Positive ratings


real estate agent from sexton homes riverside


lord & stephens funeral home w bogart 30622-3023 oconee


Travelocity Customer Support


greens at stone creek lithonia 30038-3334 de kalb

Annoying ratings


Some online Reward Redemption spam


Jesse from drive for cash.org recording starts before you can say hello


may be a survey i agreed to do during a doctor call or to Humana for instance. But then when call comes in, don't recognize it so don't answer it LOL. I won't block it for now.


They called me asking for my details and see if i am illegible to immigrate to the U.S

Neutral ratings


mesa realty inc miami


Called office, no response to my greeting. I don't wait around, I hung up. Believe this may be same number that calls my home - it's the same name in any case - which I've blocked since they never left a message. Actually I've blocked the entire 757 area code bc all I get are junk calls from that area code. I also live in VA but not that area code. CID says "Belle Haven VA".


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