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IRS Scam call


Rat Scam to get your cc# / do not answer.


Checked this out. Nothing true. Call from an "Agent"Brian Thompson from LAX Airport telling me there was a package that couldn't be released due to the contents. Apparently had a $700,000 cashiers check plus $50,000 cash.Needed us to send a"federal" money order of $975.00 to do a background check to make sure this large amount of money (winnings) was in fact legit and going to the right owner(winner)./Another call from a Homeland Security officer William Bradley badge # 1008 asking if th


This number calls several times per day. I've reported them to the FCC, and on other sites like this one. I will do anything to get these people stopped!

Positive ratings


burhop forestry consulting dexter forestry 48130-0362


real estate agent from coast homes real estate carlsbad


big store mackinac island miscellaneous retail 49757-0504


peggy albers dallas

Annoying ratings


It was Citi Bank calling because I forgot to pay my bill.


message as if called. I'm sorry, that is not a valid extension. please try again


This number sent me spam text advertising Target and contained a link. No idea how they got my DO Not Call listed cell.


Called to tell my wife that her ex-husband was in jail and he wanted her to bail him out... She refused and hung up. Call apparently came from the Vista jail.

Neutral ratings


aberdeen twp fire prevention cliffwood monmouth 07721-0469


A few weeks later, I got a hang-up call (hung up on my answering machine) from a variation on this number: 347-502-2576. Caller ID said "2013 REDUCTION."


wanted to buy my truck wanted to send him my paypal email I asked his name he would not give it to me all he said was I want you to get back to me asap with your paypal email address so I can process the payment my mover will be there to pick up and sign all necessary papers as soon as I make payment he also says calls are restricted here so I can only send and receive text


Progress for Baltimore County wanting to sway voting on a shopping center issue.

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